Today in Mormon History - May 26

Today in Mormon History ...

W. W. Phelps sends his wife, Sally, the first six printed forms of the Doctrines and Covenants and writes that when Zion is redeemed, Martin Harris will receive the first inheritance, Joseph the second, and W. W. the 16th. Joseph preached a 3 1/2-hour sermon, "and unfolded more mysteries than I can write at this time." [I]f you and I continue faithful to the end, we are certain to be one in the Lord throughout eternity." (1)
-- 175 years ago - May 26, 1835

[Same-sex Marriage] California Supreme Court issues decision on Strauss v. Horton, about whether Proposition 8 amended or revised the state constitution. It held that the proposition was a legally enacted amendment and that the 18,000 marriages performed during the period when SSM were legal in California remained legal marriages in the eyes of the law. (2)
-- 1 year ago - 5/26/2009

[Utah War] Gen. Winfield Scott advised John B. Floyd against the expedition at that time for several reasons, including the lateness of the start. (3)
-- 153 years ago - May 26, 1857

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