Today in Mormon History - May 02

Today in Mormon History ...

Amasa M Lyman: Excommunicated 12 May 1870 (1)
-- 140 years ago - May 2, 1870

"The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of Nauvoo Illinois" meets and decides: "In as much as Henry G. Sherwood Charles C. Rich and Dimic B. Huntington have been appointed a committee, by a public meeting of the Church, to contract for the building of houses for some of the wives of the Twelve it was voted that the same committee shall also contract for the fencing and ploughing of the lots on which the houses are to be built and that the labor be paid in town lots according to the proposals instructions of the said committee for the building of the houses in the first place." (2)
-- 170 years ago - May 2, 1840

The First Presidency, Twelve, some seventies, and some elders meet. The Twelve are seated by age, to regulate affairs abroad but not in Zion or any of her stakes. Ordinations require vote of the church membership. The Twelve call seven presidents of the Seventy (Joseph Young, Sylvester Smith, Lyman Sherman, Leonard Rich, Hazen Aldrich, Zebedee Coltrin, and Levi Hancock) on missions. Seven presidents call and ordain new seventies. (3)
-- 175 years ago - May 2, 1835

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