Today in Mormon History - May 05

Today in Mormon History ...

Salt Lake Tabernacle fast and testimony meeting: "Prest. Young spoke 12 minutes, requesting mothers to leave their children at home if possible so as not to disturb the meeting. also that Gentlemen will desist besmearing the floors with tobacco spittle &c." Tabernacle installs dozens of tobacco spittoons. (1)
-- 140 years ago - May 5, 1870

The Twelve leave Kirtland for the East. (2)
-- 175 years ago - May 5, 1835

[Mark Hofmann] Church spokesman retracts his denial of Church having the 1825 letter, saying he was informed by President Hinckley that the letter was in First Presidency vault and perhaps would be subject of critical study as Harris letter had been. (3)
-- 25 years ago - May 5, 1985

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