Today in Mormon History - May 09

Today in Mormon History ...

The First Presidency releases the "money-digging letter." This letter, supposedly written by Joseph Smith to Josiah Stowell in 1825, was secretly purchased by First Presidency Second Counselor Gordon B. Hinckley for a reported $25,000 two years previously and hidden without comment in the First Presidency's vault. However rumors of its existence and typewritten copies of it have been in circulation among the "Mormon underground. Previously Church spokesman Jerry Cahill had denied the letter's existence. The letter later turns out to be a forgery by Mark Hofmann." (1)
-- 25 years ago - May 9, 1985

[Wilford Woodruff] Accompanies Brigham Young to southern Utah (2)
-- 155 years ago - May 9, 1855-27

[1st Presidency Changes] Brigham Young George A. Smith Daniel H. Wells Joseph F. Smith (Counselor) John Willard Young (Assistant Counselor) George Q. Cannon (Assistant Counselor) Brigham Young, Jr. (Assistant Counselor) Lorenzo Snow (Assistant Counselor) Albert Carrington (Assistant Counselor)) Titles of all additional counselors (except Joseph F. Smith) changed from Counselor to Assistant Counselor (3)
-- 136 years ago - May 9, 1874 - 1 September 1875

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