Today in Mormon History - May 12

Today in Mormon History ...

Brigham Young's office journal records: "B[isho]p Allen Taylor related an immoral affair to the President and requested counsel of him, he replied I would cut him off the Church. The President observed in many cases women are much to blame; but the man must always realize he is the Lord of the woman; and in the end is responsible for his actions and not the woman." (1)
-- 150 years ago - May 12, 1860

Lyman had eight wives: Maria Louisa Tanner, Caroline Ely Partridge, Cornelia Eliza Leavitt, Dionita Walker, Eliza Maria Partridge, Paulina Eliza Phelps, Priscilla Turley, and Lydia Partridge. On 6 October 1867 Amasa M. Lyman was deprived of his apostleship for ambiguous preachings about the atonement of Jesus Christ; and he was excommunicated from the LDS Church on 12 May 1870. (2)
-- 140 years ago - May 12, 1870

[Wilford Woodruff] With Charles C. Rich, organizes United Orders in northern Utah settlements (3)
-- 136 years ago - May 12, 1874

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