Today in Mormon History - May 23

Today in Mormon History ...

DESERET NEWS editorial: "Murder after murder has been committed with impunity within the precincts of Great Sale Lake City, till such occurrences no not seemingly attract much attention, particularly when the murdered have had the reputation of being thieves and murderers or of associating with such characters from day to day . . ." (1)
-- 150 years ago - May 23, 1860

LDS Family History Library Catalog becomes available on CD-ROM allowing users to view the Family History Library's extensive collection to select searchable resources before traveling to a local Family History Center. (2)
-- 10 years ago - May 23, 2000

.Samuel Richards writes: "I attended the High Priests Quorum meeting at which Elder Curtis E. Bolton was tried for taking a woman and getting her pregnant which Bro. Brigham had allowed him to adopt into his family as a daughter. She had been heretofore his wife but during his late mission, she had been married to two other men, and had a child by one of the men who was a California Emigrant. . . . He was disfellowshipped from the Quorum, subject to the revision of Prest. Young when he returned from his southern expedition." (1)
-- 155 years ago - May 23, 1855

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