Today in Mormon History - May 07

Today in Mormon History ...

Ron Lafferty is found guilty of murdering his sister-in-law and her baby and is sentenced to death. He awaits execution for the two murders, while his brother Dan, who was sentenced to life, serves his time with the main population at Utah State Prison. The murders were in response to a "revelation" that Ron received. Two members of Dan's jury later claimed Dan had manipulated them by "psycho-sexual seduction." (1)
-- 25 years ago - May 7, 1985

[Thomas S. Monson] Sustained as bishop of the 6th-7th Ward. (2)
-- 60 years ago - May 7, 1950

William Smith: Personally petitioned Brigham Young 8 Aug. 1854 and 7 May 1855 for reinstatement (3)
-- 155 years ago - May 7, 1855

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