70 years ago today - Sep 30, 1952

[David O. McKay Office Journal]
At 8:30 a.m.--I met by appointment, at his request, Harold W. Bentley, Director of the Extension Division, University of Utah who called to discuss with me the Extension Division's program problems, particularly with respect to the appearance of William Warfield--the negro singer--in the S. L. Tabernacle sometime in March. Later, I took this matter up with my counselors, and it was decided that inasmuch as we had permitted Marian Anderson, a negro singer, appear in a concert in the Tabernacle, there should be no objection to Mr. Warfield's appearance, unless he be guilty of subversive activity. The brethren understood that Bishop Isaacson was to talk to the people at the University in charge of these programs, telling them that they should not contract for colored artists to appear in the Tabernacle. In discussing the problem the Brethren had some question in their minds as to whether there was any real objection to permitting such performances.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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