165 years ago today - Sep 30, 1857

[Hosea Stout]
Located a Station Called "Echo Station"Here it is calculated to make a stand and meet the enemy if they come which however no one believes they will.

Here is the most formadable part of the Kany, being surmounted on the West by high perpendicular ledges of rock immediately over looking the road. While the East side is very high and difficult of ascent.

So after locating the encampment we took an exploration of the West side of the mountain or rather Kanyon, and decided to errect batteries on the summit of the rocky crags. ...

This morning an express passed going to Gen Wells bearing the news that Dr Hurt the Indian Agent had fled to the mountains with 300 Indians. He had been suspended by the Superintendant of Indian-affairs Gov Young and was fearful that he would be arrested for his mis deeds on the Indian farm in Utah Co.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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