120 years ago today - Sep 25, 1902; Thursday

The speaker drew attention to the condition of Tuba [Arizona] Ward. It seems that the limits of the Indian reservation have been so increased as to almost surround this little settlement, and the Indians appear to be very saucy towards the settlers. He understood that the government had appropriated enough money to buy out the holdings of the people of the entire ward, but that Bishop Brinkerhoff had the idea that he had been called there and could not leave or sell without that permission to do so. Bro[ther]. Cowley learned that unless the offer of the government were accepted it was very likely to be withdrawn, which would leave the people in a very embarrassing position and he recommended that the people be advised to sell out to the government and move elsewhere. They were laboring, he said, under one great disadvantage, that is, on account of their isolated condition they were living apparently within themselves, not able even to attend conference meetings in consequence of the great distance to travel. ...

Bro[ther]. [Rudger] Clawson said he attended the dedicatory services of the tithing office building last Thursday night at American Fork [Utah], Bro[ther]. [Abraham Owen] Woodruff and Bishop [Orrin P.] Miller being present also. The building had been erected out of tithing means at a cost of $3,800. It is the intention to use part of it for Stake purposes, such as High Council meetings and prayer circle. Bro[ther]. Clawson offered the dedicatory prayer.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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