190 years ago today - Sep 26, 1830

Doctrine and Covenants 29: Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, in the presence of six elders, at Fayette, New York, September 1830. HC 1: 111-115. This revelation was given some days prior to the conference beginning September 26, 1830.

1-8, Christ gathers his elect; 9-11, His coming ushers in the Millennium; 12-13, The Twelve shall judge all Israel; 14-21, Signs, plagues, and desolations will precede the Second Coming; 22-28, The last resurrection and final judgment follow the Millennium; 29-35, All things are spiritual unto the Lord; 36-39, The devil and his hosts were cast out of heaven to tempt man; 40-45, Fall and atonement bring salvation; 46-50, Little children are redeemed through the atonement.

[Doctrine and Covenants, http://amzn.to/DoctrineandCovenants]

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