130 years ago today - Sep 30, 1890

In a meeting of Apostles who discuss the recently released Manifesto of Wilford Woodruff Heber J. Grant says, "I approve of the Manifesto and feel that it is merely a public announcement of the course which we had already in our private councils decided to adopt and this being the case I do not know why we should not receive any possible benefits which may arise from a public declaration. Yet I believe greater trouble will follow the prominent Elders in the Church through the adoption of this policy. If this plan had been accepted in the beginning of this crusade the nation would not have been tried as it has been and would not be worthy of condemnation such as it now merits, hence I feel this has come at a proper time." Apostle Franklin D. Richards notes, "how the Lord had suspended the operations of His laws in various occasions & held the enemies of his Church responsible for the same."

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