175 years ago today - Tuesday, Sep 30, 1845

[Benjamin F. Johnson]
The great idea now was to finish the Temple to the acceptance of the Lord, and prepare for the great move [west] that the Saints now contemplated. I was now called by the Council [of Fifty] to rent and keep open the Nauvoo Mansion. ... At the last meeting of the Council to which I have referred, and which, after the death of the Prophet had been called together, I was appointed with Bishop Newel K. Whitney, to visit sister Emma Smith for the last time, and if possible persuade her to remain with the Church. Nearly all night we labored with her, and all we could learn, was that she was willing to go with the Church on condition she would be the leading Spirit. And so we left her. And she did lead all who would follow her so long as she lived.

[Benjamin F. Johnson autobiography, 93–94, 96, as quoted in Jedediah S. Rogers (editor), The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History, Signature Books (2014)]

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