115 years ago today - Sep 23, 1905; Saturday

[John W. Taylor:] Speaking of Pres[ident]. [Joseph F.] Smiths answers to questions at Washington [D.C. (Smoot Hearings)], said that Pres[ident]. Smith was by odds the best witness and had no chance to properly explain many things ask[ed] of him and any person denouncing him as having born false evidence should be handled for their fellowship. It is none of their business what goes on in other nations. Much expense and inconvenience has been gone into in order to honor the nations & keep their laws. I am not one to get worked up over the brethren & things said about them. The Lord is directing this work and it will prevail.

A great many persons are filling their mission as liars and scandle mongers but do not let them sway you in any way....

When you see the children of those in high authority dropping away, you can depend that it will fall in other places.

People who get the big head soon die in this church. Keep in a normal state in your faith, support the authorities of this Church in the hour of opposition. Protect your brethren and do your duty. To betray the brethren of this Church is a serious matter.

I have entered into Eternal engagements in my family affairs and feel proud that I have twenty three children.

I would not give one of my children for all the politic in the world. Dont worship Satan nor love liars or their works.

[Taylor (Canada) Stake Record of High Council and General Priesthood Meetings, excerpts in Quinn Papers, original in LDS Archives]

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