175 years ago today - Sep 27, 1845

[Brigham Young]
I would also caution you against using the name of God in vain; it has been used too much and will be with us; like the ancients of old, they forbade them the frequent use of the same. For I tell you, the time is coming when that man who uses the name of the Lord and is used, the penalty will be affixed and immediately be executed on the spot. Why should we use it in our private and public conversation'"the ancients have given us an example of reverencing they had for the name of the deity by calling the priesthood not after God, but after Melchizedek. It must be held sacred, nor must it be the common practice from this time and henceforth.

[On the Mormon Frontier, the Diaries of Hosea Stout. Juanita Brooks, ed. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1964. 1:74-76, in The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009), http://bit.ly/BY-discourses]

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