125 years ago today - Sep 28, 1895

Had a pleasant visit with Pres[iden]t W. Woodruff at his home B[isho]p Hardy took me there in his buggy, Pres[iden]t related many of his dreams & visits from or with the prophet Joseph & father, He said to me you are a staunch man Bro[ther] Cannon and all the brethren have confidence in you and I prophecy that you are beyond the foolish things at [sic] this life and you are filled with the spirit of your mission, I would rather not that you be Governor or rather that you do not mingle in politics you are not so suitable for that department. And promised me the grace of God all my days. All of the conversation was of a most interesting character. [Brigham Young had been solicited by both democrats and republicans to run for Governor, but had expressed a strong distaste in that regard for sectional politics; 9 July 1895; 28 Sept 1895. In this last instance he records that he would only run if the First Presidency gave him a mission to do so, and then not on a party ticket. Throughout his journals he expresses distaste for the party machine, sectional politics, and the involvement of high church leaders therein.]

[My reference says the Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr., but the reference to "Bro Cannon" suggests George Q. Cannon. Please pass on any clarfication of the source. This is form the New Mormon Studies CD Rom]

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