180 years ago today - Sept 5, 1840

Joseph Smith brings charges against Almon W. Babbitt before the High Council. He charges Babbitt with "First . . . stating that Joseph Smith, Jun., had extravagantly purchased three suits of clothes while he was at Washington City, and that Sidney Rigdon had purchased four suits while at the same place, besides dresses in profusion for their families. Second. For having stated that Joseph Smith, Jun.: Sidney Rigdon and Elias Higbee had said that they were worth one hundred thousand dollars each, while they were at Washington, and that Joseph Smith, Jun., had repeated the same statement while in Philadelphia, and for saying that Oliver Granger had stated that he also was worth as much as they (that is, one hundred thousand dollars). Third. For holding secret councils in the Lord's House, in Kirtland, and for locking the doors of the house, for the purpose of prohibiting certain brethren in good standing in the Church, from being in the Council, thereby depriving them of the use of the house. . . . The parties spoke at length, after which, Joseph Smith withdrew the charge."

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