175 years ago today - Thursday, September 11th, 1845

[John Taylor]
This morning we received information from Lima, that the mobs were burning houses there; the first report was that there was one burnt; next report that came was, there was four burnt; and finally we heard that there were three burnt. We (the Twelve) held a council and thought it advisable as we were going West in the Spring to keep all things as queit as possible and not resent anything.

After the trouble we had to finish the Temple to get our endowments, we thought it of more importance than to squabble with the mob about property, seeing that the houses were not of much importance, and no lives were taken. Thinking by these pacific measures that they would be likely not to molest us; and to show the surrounding country that we were orderly disposed people, and desirous of keeping peace. It was also counselled that the brethren from the surrounding settlements should come into Nauvoo with their grain.

['The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee]

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