175 years ago today - Sept 12 [1845]

[Brigham Young]
... brother Earls came in with a letter from brother Hancock stating that five more houses had been burned, the brethren on the west side of the creek had been obliged to leave and come on to the East side many were sick, and their goods were scattered about the cornfields. Sept 12 in council A. Babbit Esq. proposed our organizing into militia companies, according to instructions of Gov. Ford last fall, and Col. J. B. Backenstos I then ask Gen. Rich & Col. Markham & other officers present if they wish such a move they all declared they would not act in such a capacity at all, I then told them I should feel myself more degraded in the eyes of the Lord to be acting under a comission from Gov ford, than should to be changed into an affrican ...

[Brigham Young Journal # 4 in the handwriting of: William Clayton, Evan Greene, John D. Lee, Willard Richards. First person account kept by others. 'Lieut. Genl Brigham Young's Journal 1844']

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