175 years ago today - Sep 9, 1845

Patriarchal Blessing of Chancey W. West given by William Smith ...

City of Joseph 9 Septr. 1845 A Blessing by Wm Smith Patriarch ... as a mighty archer thou hast been chosen and there remaineth appointments for thee that shalt exalt thee in time to come and when in the forest thy bow shall be drawn it shall be a deadly aim for in thy days there shall be wars and conflicts and thy paths shall be in the wilderness and it shall be like the [illegible] roe from thine enemies and thine arm shall be [illegible] to the battle when the mighty ones shall lead the armies of the lord and the hosts of Israel & it shall be in the day of wrath and the day of vengeance when God shall ride forth from conquering to conquer and his fierce wrath shall be poured out upon the enemies of Zion and he shall avenge the blood of Saints and prophets

thine shall be thy lot Dear Brother to see great signs and wonders in thy day and generation to behold the crumbling of Babylon the [illegible] my vengenance [vengeance] of God when it shall be poured out there with Priesthood authority with which thou art clothed thou shalt make known the power of the ministry inherited from thy fathers even thy progenitors for many of them administered before the Sanctuary of the Lord which ministry & priesthood is now confirmed upon thy head by an irrevocable decree according to the order of God ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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