175 years ago today - Sep 19, 1845

The terms of Peace which they [the mob] offered us – were about as follows if we would enter into bonds – that if by the 1st day of April next leave this state – & all things that appertained to them – & pledge all the property of the church for the performance of the same we shall live in peace this winter[.] ... President Brigham Young requested the Council to unite with him in prayer for the success of our troops &c which they did ... Scott reported that the Hiram Kimball our Mail Carrier with his guard were assaulted in the most inhuman manner their lives threatened & by submitting from an absolute to a sound whipping were permitted to make their way for nauvoo under penalty of death if as ever again seen in Leokuk [Keokuk]

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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