150 years ago today - Sep 4, 1870

[Martin Harris testimony]
... in the year 1818--52 years ago I was Inspired of the Lord & Tought of the Spirit that I Should not Join Eny Church although I Was anxiousley Sought for by meny of the Sectarians[.] ... Previous to my being baptised I became A Witness of the Plates of the Book of mormon in [June] 1829. ... Rogers unknown to me had agreed to give my wife 100 Dollars if it was not A Deseption & had Whet his Nife to cut the covering of the Plates as the Lord had forbid Joseph exhibiting them openley[.] Martins Wife had hefted them & felt them under cover as had Martin &

["Testimony of Martin Harris Written by my hand from the Mouth of Martin Harris," dictated to Edward Stevenson 4 September 1870, Edward Stevenson Collection, Miscellaneous Papers, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Martin Harris Testimony]

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