60 years ago today - Jan 9, 1953

In accordance with assignment given us, we have read approximately thirty blessings given by Patriarch Eldred G. Smith from April 22nd, 1947, to the end of December 1952. We have felt that Brother Smith’s blessings are not extravagant, but are modest and inspiring, and on the whole very satisfactory. [Description of blessings with pros and suggestions for improvement]. We note that Brother Smith has given approximately forty-two hundred blessings in the period from April 22, 1947, to the last of December 1952, which is five and two-thirds years, and approximately three hundred and seventy-four what might be termed comfort blessings, which were terminated last April 16th upon receipt of a letter from the president of the Council of the Twelve. This is approximately eight hundred and twenty blessings a year, approximately sixty-eight per month, and approximately three per day for the five day week. In conclusion may we say again that we feel that the blessings of Elder Smith are safe, encouraging and inspiring to the people, and that he should be commended.

[Source: Spencer W. Kimball and LeGrand Richards, Letter to the First Presidency]

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