170 years ago today - Jan 20, 1843

[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve] ... O. Pratt remarked that he had rather die than go to preach in any other standing than I had before....

Young'said all he had against Orson was when he came home he loved his wife better than David.

Joseph'She lied about me'I never made the offair [of plural marriage] which she said I did.'II will not advise you /presumably Orson/ to break up your family /divorse her/'unless it were asked of me. then I would council you to get a bill [?] from your wife and many a virtuous woman'aXnd sire'[?]'a new family but if you do not do it shall (or she ll) xxxxx [forever?] threw it in your teeth.

Joseph 'Orson, I prophesy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that it will not be 6 months before you leave [have?] things which will make you glad you have not left us.'

... Orson, the latter part of your life shall be more joyful than the former' 3 o clcok adjourned to President Joseph 4 o clock Orson Pratt, Sarah Marinda Pratt & lydia Granger were baptized in the River ____...

[Source: Minutes; Minutes]

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