180 years ago today - Jan 23, 1833 (Tuesday)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] ... The president said, after he had washed the feet of the Elders, as I have done, so do ye, wash ye therefore one anothers feet, pronouncing at the same time through the power of the Holy Ghost that the Elders were all clean from the blood of this generation, but that those among them who should sin willfully after they were thus cleansed and sealed up unto eternal life, should be given over unto the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption. Having continued all day in fasting & prayer before the Lord, at the close they partook of the Lord's supper, which was blessed by the president in the name of the Lord. All ate and drank and were filled, then sang an hymn and went out.

[Source: The Woodland Institute, http://www.woodlandinstitute.com]

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