Today in Mormon History - Jun 27

Today in Mormon History ...

William Clayton writes in his diary: "At night Brother Green spake in tongues. The power of Satan was powerfully manifested upon some of the Sisters. Sarah [Crooks of whom the married Clayton was attracted towards] gave me a pint of porter." (1)
-- 170 years ago - Jun 27, 1840

[Joseph Smith] Many want to be baptized in Colesville. Joseph visits them and they attempt baptisms, but a mob stops them. They try again the next day and are successful in baptizing thirteen people. (2)
-- 180 years ago - June 27-28, 1830

[Mark Hofmann] Hofmann visits Dorothy Dean in Carthage, Illinois. He tells her he is trying to establish the source of the 1688 Bible. (3)
-- 30 years ago - Jun 27, 1980

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  1. How was the martyrdom of JS omitted from a "Today in Mormon History" blog?

  2. Chris,

    Items posted here are done by a computer program which tries to match major anniversaries (such as 30, 170, 180 years ago).

    Therefore, Joseph Smith's death, which occurred 166 years ago, didn't match the criteria and was not posted.

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