Today in Mormon History - Jun 07

Today in Mormon History ...

Ten couples accompanied by Apostle Brigham Young, Jr., and his intended polygamous wife arrive in Mexico. Young started from Logan on a train bound for Mexico and "sent word through the grapevine that if there was any couples up in this area, these stakes, that contemplated marrying into polygamy that they were to catch this train. They went down to Cache Junction. They caught the train there and went to Salt Lake. There was others that went with them. They went down there [to Mexico] and Brigham Young Jr. married another polygamous wife and he had several wives." The day they arrive Alexander F. Macdonald performs the polygamous marriages for all eleven couples. (1)
-- 120 years ago - Jun 7, 1890

[Plains] John Hindley Company begins crossing plains (2)
-- 155 years ago - Jun 7, 1855

[Martha H. Cannon] Angus died 7 June 1915 in Salt Lake City. (3)
-- 95 years ago - Jun 7, 1915

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