Today in Mormon History - Jun 08

Today in Mormon History ...

The CINCINNATI ADVERTISER AND OHIO PHOENIX reports: "A fellow by the name of Joseph Smith, who resides in the upper part of Susquehanna county, has been, for the last two years we are told, employed in dedicating [dictating] as he says, by inspiration, a new bible. He pretended that he had been entrusted by God with a golden bible which had been always hidden from the world. Smith would put his face into a hat in which he had a white stone, and pretend to read from it, while his coadjutor transcribed. The book purports to give an account of the "Ten Tribes" and strange as it may seem, there are some who have full faith in his Divine commission. The book it seems is now published." (1)
-- 180 years ago - Jun 8, 1830

[Plains] Aaron Johnson Company begins crossing plains (2)
-- 160 years ago - about Jun 8, 1850

[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle meeting at 4 p.m. of "the Holy Order" at Willard Richards's office, with Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, Willard Richards, Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, John E. Page, George A. Smith, Amasa M. Lyman, Newel K. Whitney, George Miller, Levi Richards, Joseph C. Kingsbury, and Willard Richards: "We decided that Elder Orson Hyde go to the east and buy canvas for a Tabernacle (tent), and type to print the History of Joseph Smith" (HC, HCK, JT, WC-S). (3)
-- 165 years ago - Jun 8, 1845

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