Today in Mormon History - Jun 26

Today in Mormon History ...

Brigham Young's office journal records: "In the Evening Br T. Ellerbeck came into the Office and had some conversation about grape raising, Br[other] Carrington joined in and conversed about making grape wine." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Jun 26, 1860

[U.S. Religious History] Under the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, Congress officially declared Christmas to be a national holiday. (2)
-- 140 years ago - Jun 26, 1870

At Joseph's request, the Painesville Telegraph publishes court testimony. Brother-in-law says Joseph has apologized for striking him on the forehead with the flat of his hand. The apology has been accepted and Joseph is acquitted .
-- (3)
-- 175 years ago - Jun 26, 1835

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