Today in Mormon History - Jun 06

Today in Mormon History ...

[Plains] Daniel Robison Company begins crossing plains (1)
-- 150 years ago - Jun 6, 1860

[David O McKay] Received a courtesy call from United States Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. He was accompanied by Bishop Thorpe B. Isaacson. He impressed me as a good man, and one who is favorable to the Mormons. Senator Goldwater thought it would be a wise thing to have Brother Benson come home as he fears he is going to be embarrassed by both the Republicans and the Democrats. I told the Senator that some time ago the Church had a good place for Brother Benson if he felt to come home at that time. This information was conveyed to President Eisenhower so that he might have an excuse to release Brother Benson if he desired to do so, but President Eisenhower felt that he needed Brother Benson's services, and did not feel to release him at the time. (2)
-- 50 years ago - Jun 6, 1960

Federal grand jury in Idaho indicts 153 ex-Mormons for voting in recent election. (3)
-- 120 years ago - Jun 6, 1890

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