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Today in Mormon History ...

First Presidency sets apart John Hafen, Lorus Pratt, and John B. Fairbanks as "art missionaries" to study in France in order to paint murals in interior of Salt Lake temple. They reach Paris on Jul 24. They are joined by Edwin Evans and Herman H. Haag. Enrolled in Julian Acadamy, the art missionaries return to Salt Lake City in 1892 and complete the temple murals. They are not first formally trained Mormon artists, because C. C. A. Christensen (b. 1831) and Danquart A. Weggeland (b. 1827) borh trained at Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Contemporary with these art missionaries are three Julian Academy sculptors of Mormon background. Brigham Young's grandson Mahonri M. Young wins silver medal at Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, creates statue of Brigham Young in U. S. Capitol, and sculpts Salt Lake Temple Square monuments to Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Miracle of the Seagulls. Cyrus E. Dallin wins gold medal at Panama Exposition and sculpts Angel Moroni s
tatue atop Salt Lake temple and also creates pioneer monument. Least identified with his Mormon parentage of the three, Gutzon Borglum designs and sculpts Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. (1)
-- 120 years ago - Jun 3, 1890

[Plains] Milo Andrus Company begins crossing plains (2)
-- 160 years ago - Jun 3, 1850

Deseret Evening News goes back to original name, The Deseret News. (3)
-- 90 years ago - Jun 3, 1920

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