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Today in Mormon History ...

[David O McKay] Called Doyle Green, upon receipt of a letter from him dated March 23, in which he stated that the Editorial Staff had decided against publishing an article on sugar which I had sent to them sometime ago with the request that they publish it in an early issue of the magazine. I told Brother Green that I wanted and had requested that the article be published, and that I should take all responsibility." He answered that the reason for their decision was that it had not been proven scientifically sound and I answered him, "Neither was the other article you published against sugar scientifically sound."
March 31, 1950: I said that the only reason I could see that we employ another secretary at this time is that two of the girls in the Council of the Twelve offices are planning to be married, and insamuch as the Church does not hire married women, that this new girl could take the place of one of these girls. I said that although there are a few married women in the building, it is against the policy of the Church to employ married women. (1)
-- 60 years ago - Thu Mar 23, 1950

Christopher Stafford, a neighbor of Joseph Smith in Manchester, NY, and brother-in-law of Orrin Porter Rockwell writes in a signed statement, "Jo[seph Smith] was the laziest one of the family, and a dull scholar as were all the Smiths except Harrison and Catherine. . . . Joe claimed he could tell where money was buried, with a witch hazel consisting of a forked stick of hazel. He held it one fork in each hand and claimed the upper end was attracted by the money. . . . My mother-in-law Mrs. [Sarah Witt] Rockwell, said that the Prophet Jo Smith told her there was money buried in the ground and she spent considerable tie digging in various places for it. . . . Jo Smith told me there was a peep-stone for me and many others if we could only find them." (2)
-- 125 years ago - Mar 23, 1885

Higbee, Elias: Left Washington for Nauvoo 23 March 1840. (3)
-- 170 years ago - Mar 23, 1840

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