Today in Mormon History - Mar 07

Today in Mormon History ...

In Kirtland, Ohio "a meeting of the Church of Latter Day Saints was called in this place for the purpose of blessing in the name of the Lord those who have heretofore assisted in building by their labor & other means, the House of the Lord in this Place." Concerning the uncompleted Kirtland Temple Joseph Smith preaches "that those who built this house should own it, and have the control of it." Fifty men are "blessed in consequence of their working on the House of the Lord Kirtland . . ." It is clarified that the "right in the House of the Lord" that the men are blessed with "is according to each man's labor or amount of donations." "W[illia]m Carter, who was blind, was promised a blessing of being restored to sight if faithful." (1)
-- 175 years ago - Mar 7, 1835

CHURCH NEWS reports that Ken Shelly and his partner have won U.S. Figure Skating championship for pairs. They win again (1971, 1972), and Shelley also wins men-s national comnpetition (1972). Billy and Cori-Joe Petrunik receive gold medal as LDS pair of figure-skaters at Canada Winter Games (1975). Holly Cook receives bronze medal at World Figure Skating Championships (1990). (1)
-- 40 years ago - Mar 7, 1970

Actor and former child star Rick Schroder appears as a guest on "shock-jock" Howard Stern's radio show. Schroder, an LDS convert of 4 years, is asked about his temple garments. Schroder says he is wearing them but declines to show them to Stern. Schroder also says that masturbation is not against his religion. (1)
-- 5 years ago - Mar 7, 2005

1 - On This Day in Mormon History,

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