Today in Mormon History - Mar 13

Today in Mormon History ...

Ephraim Smith, brother of Joseph Smith born at Royalton, Vermont; he lives only 11 days. (1)
-- 200 years ago - Mar 13, 1810

Apostle Heber J. Grant writes in his journal: "After we had had our Prayer Circle I asked the Presidency to give me their counsel and advice with reference to what action should be taken about Hyrum Grant or me marrying the widow of Geo[rge] Grant. I told them that I was better able to care for four wives from a financial standpoint than Hyrum was one. Told them that I had no desire to turn away from this matter in case there was a feeling that I should marry the widow. They were unanimously of the opinion that it would not be wise for me to take the step and suggested that I encourage Hyrum to do it." Plural wife writes of her husband: "We are more like lovers than husband and wife for we are as far removed from each other [-] there is always the embarrassment of lovers and yet we have been married more than 37 years." (1)
-- 120 years ago - Mar 13, 1890

The NON-MORMON NEWS, a BYU student paper for and by non-Mormons reports that when one student raised a question in class, his instructor told him to "go home and repent and put [his] thoughts in harmony with the teachings of the brethren." (1)
-- 30 years ago - Mar 13, 1980

1 - On This Day in Mormon History,

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