Today in Mormon History - Mar 17

Today in Mormon History ...
Brigham Young "remarked a woman purporting to be his wife used to lecture against Mormonism in the States; and a man used to accompany her as a protector, they were caught in bed together and published in the Eastern papers." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Mar 17, 1860
[Same Sex Marriage] Utah's LDS governor, Michael Leavitt, signs the country's first DOMA legislation which indicated that the state of Utah recognizes only marriages between persons of different sex, including those that might be performed in other states. (2)
-- 15 years ago - Mar 17, 1995
Former President Andrew Jackson returned home to Tennessee, and said that he left office "with barely $90 in my pocket." This marked the beginning of the Panic of 1837, an ensuing national depression, and the resultant need for the US Government to borrow money to meet its financial obligations. Practically every bank in the US stopped redeeming bank notes before the end of March.
-- 173 years ago - (Fri) Mar 17, 1837 (3)

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