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Today in Mormon History ...

Paul Toscano is asked to be a witness at the temple wedding of Ron and Kathy Ray in Mesa, Arizona. At the door his and Margaret Toscano's recommends are confiscated and they are refused entrance. The temple president informs them that their bishop, Sheldon Talbot, called the temple president requesting that action. The Toscanos immediately call him. He gives them no information except that they are "unworthy" to enter the temple, even though they accompanied Kathy for her endowments the day before. Distressed and humiliated the Toscanos participate in the brunch and reception and then return to Orem, Utah, where they discover that several friends have received summonses to church courts, essentially as "accomplices" of the Toscanos. Finally, they learn that Talbot is acting on rumors that the Toscanos have been conducting the temple endowment in their home, are performing plural marriages, have been teaching false doctrine, and have been leading others out of the church. Elde
r Mark E. Petersen refuses to meet with Paul. A former BYU bishop intervenes with Elder Petersen. The scheduled courts are canceled. Over the next six months, the Toscanos meet with their stake president and bishop three times in lengthy sessions of five to six hours each. The stake presidency's investigation concludes that there is no substance to the rumors. Their temple recommends are returned to them. (1)
-- 30 years ago - Mar 8, 1980.

At Kirtland an additional 69 brethren are blessed for having "assisted in building the House of the Lord in Kirtland." (2)
-- 175 years ago - Mar 8, 1835

Future apostle James E. Talmage writes in his diary: "According to an appointment of long standing, I this day went to Provo and there delivered a lecture on the "Theory of Evolution" before the County Teacher's Convention. The convention, after listening to the lecture, asked permission to publish it. Because of the importance of the subject and the ease with which misunderstandings arise as to a speaker's intentions, I read the lecture from notes" As an Apostle Talmage supported the theory of evolution against efforts by Joseph Fielding Smith to discount it. (2)
-- 120 years ago - Mar 8, 1890

1 - Anderson, Lavina Fielding, "The LDS Intellectual Community and Church Leadership: A Contemporary Chronology," Dialogue, Vol.26, No.1
2 - On This Day in Mormon History,

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