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Brigham Young's office journal records: "Howard Egan called upon me in relation to Bro[ther] H. S. Sherman discontinuing his services on the western line with him. I told him Bro[ther] Shermans state of health required him to discontinue traveling that he might bestow more attention upon himself and use remedies to entirely cure himself of the piles and tumor he was afflicted with. Howard then left. I told Bro[ther] S. & S. Sherman yesterday that I had been obliged to use a syringe since my sickness in Nauvoo, and now I could not live months without using it; I believe the the [sic] frequent use of it has considerably benefitted my health as I am much better now than I have been for years. I enjoy my food much better that [sic] I used years ago. The use of the syringe strengthens my bowels I am persuaded that in nine cases out of ten the bowels become deranged before the stomach does, and the bowels being deranged soon affect the stomach. I charge the syringe frequently with
composition sometimes I mix consecrated oil with it. I have sent for some good olive oil if it can be procured; for the oil the merchants import here is so unpleasant I cannot take it. Another good remedy for the piles is the grease that is attacked to the pizzle [sic] of pig that fat lying near the anus of the animal, this fat is particularly efficacious in the cure of the piles. I gave this remedy with the injections; or rather told my clerk David A. Calder to use these remedies, and he has not been sick since (48) and he was frequently away a few days sick with biliousness and piles. I have my own composition powder prepared it consist of Kyan [sic] pepper, ground ginger, cloves, barberry &c. I will here remark for the benefit of those who may read, that I feel it the duty of all men to take care of their health and use such medicinal remedies as are known to be good, I do not ask the Lord to do for me what I would not do for myself" (1)
-- 150 years ago - Mar 2, 1860

introduction of "Consolidated Meeting Schedule" of three-hours on Sundays. This eliminates week-day meetings of auxiliaries, as well as traditional twice daily Sunday meetings. This eases transportation and weekly scheduling but erodes fellowshipping opportunities and diminishes tightly knit social environment of LDS Wards. By 1996, this has severely diminished emotional ties of North American Mormon youth to LDS community, eroding what is called "Mormon ethnic identity." Most dramatic manifestation of this trend is fact that for first time in Mormon history, young women cease LDS participation at greater percentages than young men (according to general authority Jack H. Goaslind's statement in BYU Daily Universe, 31 Aug 1992). Likewise, despite absolute increase in missionary numbers, proportion of Mormon males who accept full time missions has decreased significantly in North America. (1)
-- 30 years ago - Mar 2, 1980

The WAYNE SENTINEL reports: "More than two hundred souls have become hopeful subjects of divine grace in Palmyra, Macedon, Manchester, Phelps, Lyons, and Ontario since the late revival commenced. This is a powerful work; it is among old and young, but mostly among young people.... The cry is yet from various parts, 'come over and help us.' There are large and attentive congregations in every part, who hear as for their lives." (1)
-- 185 years ago - Mar 2, 1825

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