175 years ago today - Dec 5, 1847

B. Young[: A]s we are now as many of the Qu[orum] of the 12 as can be gathered tog[e]t[her]. I feel disposed to open my mind and feelings in regard to a question we have talked over, & I want to have a decision'1st on the death of Jos[eph]. [T]he 12 had to step forw[a]rd. to lead the Ch[urch] & I felt then as now as when duty prompts me I mean to do it, let consequences be what they ma[y]' ... [[A]t the time I had some understand[in]gs. as to organ[izatio]n. of its perfect[io].n. I never mouthed it till lately [as] it was not time to broach the subject until I felt it duty'& I knew the Sp[irit]. wo[ul]d. not let me do it'[F]rom [that] time I have been in [the] G[rea]t. Sa[lt] Lake City till now, [and] the tap[pin]gs. of [the] Sp[irit]. to me is the Ch[urch] ou[gh]t. to be now org[anize]d.' ... [I]f that qu[estion] can be settled by 9 of 12 then it can be carr[ie]d. bef[ore] auth[or]s. of Ch[urch] & it can be settled in their own minds & then'the feeling that I have & the Sp[irit] that guides leads & protects me is'if this is not right, right it'[B]ut [the] Sp[irit] prompts me to obe[y] those Steps'... I am going to roll that responsibility of[f] my Shoulders & roll it on these my bre[thre]n'[W]e can organize [a] 1st Pres[idenc]y. ...

O H 'I move that bro /Brigham/ Young be acknowledged by us as Pres[iden]t. not only of the Quo[rum] /of the 12/ but of the whole Ch[urch] & that he have the privilege of selecting /nominating/ his two councillors /to form/ as the First Presidency of the Church''W. Woodruff sec[onde]d. O Hyde[:] I move that bro Brigham Young be the President of the Church of J[esus]. C[hrist]. of L[atter] D[ay] S[aints]. & that he nominate his /two/ Councillors who will constitute a First Presidency. W. Woodruff seconded'all hands up'B. Young'H. C. Kimball'O Hyde'O Pratt, W Richards'G. A. Smith'A. Lyman, W. Woodruff, & E T Benson'& T Bullock'(20 min[utes] to 10) O. Pratt[:] I suggest that bro Young appoint his two Councillors to night. B. Y.[:] I should nominate bro. Heber /C. Kimball/ as my first councillor. O. Pratt[:] I second it.

All hands up again. B. Y.[:] I nominate brother Willard Richards as my other councillor. O. Hyde[:] I second it'All hands up again'(5 min[utes] to 10) [T]hen adjourned to bro Hydes [and] partook of Supper & followed by rich Wines'[We] sat up till 1/41/4 past 11 &c then retired to bed [and] sang the Pioneer song &c drank of Jerusalem Wine & delightful Strawberry Wine, our souls all rejoicing in the Lord for his mercy [he] endures towards his Saints continually.

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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