130 years ago today - Dec 22, 1892 • Thursday

[George Q. Cannon]
The First Presidency spent about an hour at the Temple, and were greatly pleased with a suggestion to finish the walls of the celestial room in white and gold. The ceiling is elaborately colored and looks very well; but we did not think the walls would look so well if they were so highly colored. Brother Midgley, however, thought that complete harmony could be obtained between the ceiling and the walls by proper toning down and finishing in white and gold. ...

At 2 o'clock The First Presidency and Elders Lyman, Taylor and Cannon, of the Twelve, met as usual. Abraham H. Cannon was mouth in prayer. I spoke of the fashion which had grown up of late of attaching the title of Apostle to the names of the members of the Twelve. It struck me as being inappropriate, and that the use of the title "Elder" was more suitable. I referred to the revelation given the day of the organization of the church in which the Prophet Joseph was called the first elder and Oliver Cowdery the second elder, though they were Apostles. It would be quite as appropriate to prefix the word "High Priest" to a man's name, or "Seventy", as to prefix the word "Apostle".... The brethren present all acquiesced in the view that it would be more appropriate to use the word "Elder", and as Brother Lyman's discourse will be the next one probably that will be published, he said he would like that title to be attached to his name.

The First Presidency and Apostles previously named had an interview with Brother John M. Cannon, the attorney whom we have desired to take interest in the case of the Hedrickites. I moved that it was a wise and proper thing to help the Hedrickites retain the ownership of the Temple Block at Independence. That was carried. I then moved that Brother John M. Cannon be instructed to see the attorneys who are members of our church and find out from them if they were willing to help with legal aid the Hedrickites in defending this, on condition that their expenses should be paid. Brother Jos. F. Smith then moved that $1000 be appropriated for the assistance of the Hedrickites, and that this be done through Brother John M. Cannon, and that he appear in this matter as though it was his personal affair, as we did not think it prudent to have the impression go out that the church was doing anything in its official capacity to assist these people.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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