125 years ago today - Dec 23, 1897; Thursday

[Heber J. Grant]
We endulged in a free and frank talk at our meeting and I found that I was not the only one who felt hurt that Frank Cannon was being employed as the agent for the First Presidency in financial matters. The feeling was that Pres[iden]t [Lorenzo] Snow should have a free and full chat with Pres[ident] Jos[eph] F. Smith and let him know just how we felt and then report to us, and perhaps we would then tell Pres[iden]t [Wilford] Woodruff how we felt about this matter.

I could not help a feeling of great relief when I learned that the brethren of the apostles generally shared my feeling of distrust in regard to the way that Pres[iden]t [George Q.] Cannon was managing the financial affairs of the Church through his son Frank. I had felt more or less condemned to feel to distrust one of the First Presidency and it is a relief to my feelings to find I am not along in this matter. I told the Brethren in our meeting that what I objected to more than anything else was the putting of words into the mouth of Pres[iden]t Woodruff by Pres[ident] Cannon Pres[iden]t Woodruff had expressed himself as willing to aid me after the brethren had spoken in favor of his doing so, and then Pres[iden]t Cannon had claimed that his opposition to aiding me with the endorsement of the Trustee in Trust was based on Pres[iden]t Woodruff's opposition.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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