120 years ago today - Dec 24, 1902; Wednesday

President [Joseph F.] Smith remarked by way of comment that he had felt for some time that there was too great a tendency among us to use the word Prophet, and Prophet, Seer and Revelator, and Apostle, by way of addressing or speaking of the President of the Church and members of the quorum of Twelve; and he added that when he came to think about it this was not so in earlier days; and that when he made his remarks he knew nothing at all about the action taken by the Council in December, 1892, he having forgotten all about it.

The consideration of this subject resulted in a motion by Bro[ther]. John Henry Smith, which was seconded and carried, that the title of elder be hereafter used with reference to the apostles ...

Bro[ther]. [Matthias F.] Cowley reported attending Parowan [Utah] Conference. One of the sessions of the conference was a memorial service in honor of the Prophet Joseph Smith. There were five persons present who were personally acquainted with the Prophet Joseph, and among them was Sister Paulina Lyman, who bore testimony to the fulfilment of a prediction made upon her head

when seven years of age by the Prophet himself, which was to the effect that she should live to go beyond the Rocky Mountains and dwell there, &c. She said she did not know at that time what it meant and she remembered conceiving the idea that perhaps she might be stolen and carried off.

President Smith remarked that what Bro[ther]. Cowley had said in regard to the testimony of Sister Lyman reminded him of what the late Porter Rockwell told him, which was in effect that Patriarch Joseph Smith [Sr.] on a certain occasion laid his hands upon his head and blessed him, even upon the tops of the mountains, and that Porter commenting on this, said whenever thought anything about it at the time, "but, here I am, said he, being hunted as was told me." ...

Pres[iden]t. Smith reported having attended the Sixteenth Ward ... Another speaker was Sister Lucy Walker Smith Kimball, who testified that she was sealed to the Prophet and lived with him as his wife in 1842. And that Samuel W. Richards bore testimony to a move made by the Prophet Joseph to send an expedition to the Rocky Mountains to look up a gathering place for the saints, and that a company of young men, numbering twenty-five, was chosen for this purpose, he being one of them. And Bro[ther]. Homer Duncan corroborated the testimony of Bro[ther]. Richards, as to the organization of the exploring expedition ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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