145 years ago today - Dec 13, 1877

Patriarchal Blessing of George Harman by E. R. Billingsley ... You will go to the Center Stake of Zion, and build and inhabit, and you will assist in building the Holy Temple there and you will have wives granted unto you, and you will have a posterity in the Holy Priesthood, and you and your wives will enter into that Holy Temple and do a great work for your father's house until it links back unto Adam.

You will have power to see the great sea rolling from the North, and the to great continents joined together and this great earth reeling reeling to and fro like a drunkin [drunken] man. Holy messengers will visit you from time to time, and acquaint you of the names [of] places of birth and ages of your dead, and you will have power unto God to see their graves open in the morning of the first resurrection. ... I seal upon you eternal life, and upon your head a crown of glory, in the name of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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