180 years ago today - Tuesday, May 3, 1842

... I [Lucius N. Scovil(le)] can testify that on the 3rd day of May, 1842, Joseph Smith the Prophet called upon five or six, viz: Shadrack Roundy, Noah Rogers, Dimick B. Huntington, Daniel Cairns, and myself (I am not certain but that Hosea Stout was there also) to meet with him (the Prophet) in his business office (the upper part of his brick store). He told us that the object he had was for us to go to work and fit up that room preparatory to giving endowments to a few Elders that he might give unto them all the keys of power pertaining to the Aronic and Melchisedec Priesthoods. We therefore went to work making the necessary preparations, and everything was arranged representing the interior of a temple as much as the circumstances would permit, he being with us dictating everything. He gave us many items that were very interesting to us, which sank with deep weight upon my mind, especially after the temple was finished at Nauvoo [Illinois], and I had received the ordinances in which I was among the first, as I had been called upon to work in the [Nauvoo] Temple as one of the hands during the winter. Some weeks previous to the dedication he told us that we should have the privilege of receiving the whole of the ordinances in due time. The history of Joseph Smith speaks for itself. But I can and do testify that I know of a surety that room was fitted up by his order which we finished in the forenoon of the said 4th of May, 1842. ...

[[Lucius N. Scovil[le], Letter to the Editor, 'The Higher Ordinances,' dated January [February] 2, 1884, Deseret News Semi-Weekly, February 15, 1884, p. 2], as quoted in Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed 1842-1845 A Documentary History edited by Devery S. Anderson and Gary James Bergera]

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