180 years ago today - May 25, 1842

Joseph Smith disfellowships John C. Bennett who quickly publishes the first exposé of Mormon polygamy. It is not clear whether Bennett is disfellowsipped for sexual misconduct or for using Smith's name in justifying seduction. Bennet's excommunication on Jun 18 would be for his intention to publish against Joseph Smith who prevents Brigham Young from disciplining his brother William for adultery. George A. Smith later referred to "Wm Smith committing iniquity & we have to sustain him against our feelings" as an apostle.

Joseph addresses the Nauvoo Relief Society, directing his comments to Emma: "One request to the Pres[iden]t and Society, hold your tongues about things of no moment-a little tale will set the world on fire. At this time the truth on the guilty should not be told openly-we must use precaution in bringing sinners to justice but in exposing their heinous sins, we draw the indignation of a gentile world upon us." Later that evening after listening to John C. Bennett's confession of wrongdoing before 100 of his fellow Freemasons, Joseph requests mercy for his friend and former counselor.

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