185 years ago today - May 27, 1837

Patriarchal Blessing of James Marvin Adams given by Joseph Smith, Sr. ... I don't feel to flatter thee, but I say unto thee, that thy heart is pure in the sight of God.

... Thou shalt stand in the flesh with the One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand that shalt stand with the Lamb upon Mount Zion. ...

If thou desirest it thou shalt have power to translate thyself. Thou shalt have power over flames and fires * Power over winds and Tempests, Power over the raging waves of the sea. No Jails, no bars no Dungeons shall hold thee. Those that dig pits for thee shall fall into them. ... By the Powers of the Holy Priesthood I seal thee up to Eternal life * even so * Amen

[Patriarchal Blessing Book 1:125, in Early Patriarchal Blessings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Joseph Smith Sr. (Author), H. Michael Marquardt (Editor), http://amzn.to/rCBHVe]

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