180 years ago today - Tuesday, May 3, 1842

In Nauvoo [Illinois] In [18]40 or [18]41 W[illia]m Felshaw, Samuel R[o]lfe, [and] Dimick B Huntington prepared the masonic lodge room in the brick store chamber for the first endewments[;] took some bars of lead to hold up the tre[e]s of the garden and a piece of carpet for a curtain[,] Joseph Smith giving directions how to prepare all things[.] the masonic lodge met nights and he [Joseph Smith] used the room days for endewments[.] one night after work was over in the lodge [and he] was through working old brother [Asahel] Perry the tyler sayed a brother wishes to enter let him enter[;] George A Smith was the master[.] Joseph Smith entered strode up and down the lodge saying hallahjuh halolujah hullahujah sayed h[e] I have done what king Solamon King Hiram & Hiram Abbif could not do[:] I have set up the Kingdom no more to be thrown down forever nor never to be given to another people ... D[imick] B Huntington's words the night of [[According to Masonic teachings, Hiram Abiff, also known as the widow's son, was the master builder of King Solomon's temple. Because he was murdered for refusing to reveal the secret with which he had been entrusted, his death is commemorated in various Masonic rituals.]] of Dec[ember] 1878 S[alt] L[ake] City.

[Statement, undated, photocopy in Mary Brown Firmage Papers, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, as quoted in Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed 1842-1845 A Documentary History edited by Devery S. Anderson and Gary James Bergera]

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