155 years ago today - May 24 or 25, 1867

In the morning visited Father Marks, who interested me very much with a recital of things that are past. In speaking of polygamy, he said, "Near two weeks before Joseph was killed he told me that I was the only one of the authorities of the Church not in polygamy; that polygamy was an evil, and that in it he had been deceived. I ask him why he did not speak to Brigham or some of the twelve about it, and he said that they would kill him if he did. He told me, I must deal with those in polygamy, if they would not repent and reform. . ." He also said That "Joseph and Hyrum went to Montrose, intending to take a boat and leave; but they returned." He, Bro Marks, met them on the Nauvoo side, and Joseph told him they were intending to leave, but the Lord told him to return, and give himself up, and that if he went away, he should become a castaway. He then added, "I have come back to deliver myself up to atone for the crimes I have committed, and I shall like go like a lamb to the slaughter."

I ask Bro Marks, if Joseph was in polygamy? He said, Yes he and Dr. Bennett were the first that went into it. Speaking of events before after Joseph's death, he said, I attended one night when a few were to receive endowments, and he spoke as I have never heard any other man speak. Bro Hyrum he ordained to be his successor, remarking, My course is about finished on earth – I have done all the Lord wants me to do. He then called on Bro Hyrum and myself and we ordained him to be a king, and Sister Emma to be a queen. There were many things. I did not under- stand in that meeting.

After Joseph's death, I wrote to Sidney Rigdon, who had been Joseph's first counselor, and he came to Nauvoo. I called a meeting of the Church, and Sidney presented his claims. The church seemed generally to fall in with him ; but he did things too much in secret. He ordained me to be his first counselor; and everything he did in organizing was done in secret meetings in a room at my house. He was so unwise, however, that confidence was lost in him ; and when the twelve returned from their missions, they presented their claims and were accepted."

[Mark Forscutt Journal, May 1867, Mark Hill Forscutt Collection 1855-1900, MSS 811, Box 1, Folder 9, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, (compliments of John Dinger)]

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