140 years ago today - Nov 15, 1880

[Patriarchal Blessing of James E. Talmage]
Brother James, by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon thy head, and seal the blessings of the New and Everlasting Covenant upon thee, with all the gifts and privileges promised unto the sons of Zion ... it is thy privilege and the will of the Lord that you should become a mighty man in Israel, and travel much for the gospel's sake, and assist in gathering the honest in heart from among the nations of the earth; ... for the spirit of the Lord shall direct thy course, strengthen thy memory and give thee power over thy enemies and peace shall be in thy circle... thy guardian angel will whisper in thy ear and warn thee of danger, and give thee power over the adversary, and prolong thy days and years upon the earth. ... Thou shalt also be prospered in the labor of thy hands, therefore, look forward to the future with pleasure, for thy last days shall be thy best days. ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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