125 years ago today - Nov 10, 1895

[Apostle Francis M. Lyman]
After school closed [Sunday] I sat down with bro[ther] Alma and Joshua Greenwood and James Melville in the same school room to talk over the political wounds we have given and received. I frankly conceded that most of what bro[ther] Alma had stated about me in print was correct. Some was not true ... Bro[ther] Joshua was not feeling so ugly as Alma and James. They held that my censure of them at conference in Meadow some years ago was much of it unnecessary and harsh. I frankly admitted that may have been, but if they would write down all there was of that kind I would gladly go before the stake conference at any time and state that I was sorry I use those words that were necessarily harsh and retract every one of them. They concluded it would not be necessary and would let the whole matter drop... We closed up in good spirits much better then we commenced with. We forgave and loved each other. Bro[ther] Alma was severely set against B[isho]p Callister for his partisanship and a campaign song he composed and sung frequently in which bro[ther] Greenwood was sarcastically mentioned. ... I also spoke freely of the political battle and said if there was one soul who has been influenced by me in the Stake to be a Republican, I wanted them to free that influence. I never hinted nor did I believe I had used church influence. A unanimous vote approved as good sound and safe doctrine all I said. ... My visit in Fillmore I believe is a very fortunate one [made peace with wife Susan].

[Excerpts of Apostle Francis M. Lyman Diaries, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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