Today in Mormon History - Dec 29

Today in Mormon History ...

Joseph Smith brings charges against William Smith. (1)
-- 175 years ago - Dec 29, 1835

[Joseph Smith] According to David Whitmer, when Martin Harris has problems raising the money to pay for the printing, Hyrum suggests that they go to Canada and sell the copyright. Hyrum asks Joseph, and Joseph receives a revelation that agrees. When Hiram Page and Oliver return from Toronto, having been unsuccessful, they ask Joseph why the revelation failed, and he says, "Some revelations are of God; some revelations are of men; and some revelations are of the devil." (Brigham H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (6 volumes) 1: 162-66.)Mass meetings are held in Palmyra to boycott the printing of the book, and Grandin becomes so nervous about his money that he suspends printing. Joseph returns to Palmyra to urge Martin to pay the printer in full, but Martin's wife is opposed, so he refuses (2)
-- 180 years ago - Winter 1830

An indignation meeting was held in the Methodist Church, Salt Lake City, to protest against the vice and wickedness existing in the city. (3)
-- 120 years ago - Dec 29, 1890 (Monday)

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